After a missing animal rights activist is found amid a local whale hunt, journalist Hannis Martinsson risks his own skin on the trail of a spectacular story, sending shock waves through the isolated island community of the Faroes.

When journalist Hannis Martinsson (Ulrich Thomsen) receives a video message from the female activist and animal rights activist Sonja á Heyggi, who claims that she is his daughter and that she also fears for her life, he goes to his hometown Faroe Islands to investigate the matter further. It quickly becomes clear to him that Sonja has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, after which he is whirled into a search that pulls him into the local fishing community, to a prominent activist group and not least to the island’s prominent businessman, Ragnar í Rong (Olaf Johannessen). Hannis’ presence on the island brings him into conflict with the local police, and several times he turns to investigation leader Karla Mohr (Maria Rich) as his findings in the case contrast with the police. His search for answers unravels a web of lies and secrets in the small community.

’TROM ’- is the first ever a crime drama series filmed on the Faroe Islands. ‘TROM’ is a captivating crime thriller that combines loyalty, power and unbreakable family ties. The main roles are played by Ulrich Thomsen, Maria Rich and Olaf Johannessen, and was aired exclusively on Viaplay.

  • Release Date: 13 February 2022

  • Creator: Torfinnur Jákupsson

  • Production Co: KYK Pictures, REinvent Studios, Truenorth Productions


Thomas Perez-Pape assisted the Re-Recording mixer, Peter Albrectsen, with episode 1-3. He took the creative mix, and conformed it the the broadcast loudness standard EBU R128, making sure that the original intent of the mix, was carried through while being broadcast compliant.

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