“Kagefabrikken” is a Danish film characterized by its unique blend of dark humor and deeper tragedy. The film centers around the Agger family, proprietors of the struggling cake factory, Borgsø. When patriarch Niels Agger’s life takes an unexpected turn, the family rallies together, setting off a series of unexpected events. The narrative is marked by intricate plot twists, side stories, and a diverse array of characters, providing a challenging soundscape for the Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer.

Challenges Faced

Upon joining the project, the Sound Designer encountered an initial vision for an elaborate sound design. However, it became evident that an excess of sound elements might overwhelm the intricate storyline, potentially diverting attention from the central narrative. Given the film’s complexity, there was a need to strike a balance between enriching the auditory experience and maintaining focus on the main storyline.


Recognizing the need for a nuanced approach, the Sound Designer adopted the principle of “less is more.” This involved a deliberate restraint in sound design, ensuring that every sonic element served a purpose in advancing the plot or emphasizing key emotional beats. Instead of overtly highlighting emotions through dialogue, acting, or visuals, the sound design was tailored to subtly guide the audience through the film’s various twists and turns.

Integration with Score

Collaboration with composer Jonas Struck played a pivotal role in achieving a seamless auditory experience. By skillfully weaving the sound design with Struck’s evocative score, the team created a cohesive audio tapestry that enhanced the flow of each scene. The score complemented the sound design, providing a dynamic backdrop that underscored critical narrative moments.


The application of the “less is more” principle proved instrumental in striking a harmonious balance between sound design and storytelling. By focusing on the broader story arcs and employing sound design to unify scenes, the film’s auditory landscape seamlessly guided viewers through its intricate plot. The integration of the score further enriched the viewing experience, ensuring a cohesive and emotionally resonant final product.


The Sound Design and Re-Recording Mixing for “Kagefabrikken” exemplify a strategic and thoughtful approach to enhancing the film’s auditory experience. By recognizing the need for restraint and prioritizing the broader narrative, the Sound Designer successfully navigated the complexities of a multi-layered storyline. The collaboration with composer Jonas Struck further elevated the auditory journey, resulting in a film that captivates and engages audiences on a profound level.

  • Release Date: January 05, 2023

  • Director: Christian Lollike

  • Production Co: Tales Inc Cph

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