A Virtual Museum

Together with the immersive technology competence of Glitch Studios, Follo Museum started a three-part project to digitize their museum experience. Starting with a high-quality photogrammetry scan of the interior and the exterior of the house, this would make up the basis for a virtual reality experience, together with highly detailed scans of private objects from the collection.

Plain Momentum was tasked with recreating the soundscape and ambiences of the museum, as well as creating Sound Design for som of Amundsens treasured items and artifacts that you get to interact with in the VR experience.
We took great care to sample as much of the house and the objects as possible, and create sounds for everything else through intensive research and using sounds from old archives.

The Experience acts as a preservation initiative, safe guarding Roald Amundsen’s house and collection digitally for the future.


Thomas Pape was tasked with creating the emotional soundscape of Roald Amundsens treasured possessions and the memories and storries accompanying the artefacts. We dived into the stories, and painted a landscape of memories through sound, to transport you to the farthest places of the earth, as you uncover the stories of one of the worlds greatest explorers.

Working with a combination of ambisonics sounds, and surround sound elements, we created a lifelike atmosphere of walking around inside the house of Roald Amundsen.

Let’s Work Together


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