Undtagelsen / The Exception

The film ‘The Exception’ is a Danish film based on Christian Jungersen’s bestseller.

When Iben and Malene both receive death threats, they realize that their work at the Danish Center for Information on Genocide has put them at risk.

The suspicion lands on a Serbian war criminal about whom they write articles, but as a case of office bullying escalates, they slowly begin to consider whether the evil could come from themselves.

The film is a nerve-wracking thriller that depicts how adult bullying can evolve into an eerie game of life and death. It is a tale of manipulation as a weapon, of wild paranoia and the many faces of evil.

  • Release Date: 02.07.2020

  • Director: Jesper W. Nielsen

  • Production Co: Fridthjof Film


Thomas Pape edited sound effects for this movie under supervision of Henrik “Gugge” Garnov. We used a combination of stereo and ambisonics recordings recorded in Denmark to give the film a local and accurate sound. To help elevate the sense of unease in the plot, a lot of obscure field recording methods were used, like recording through drain pipes, etc.

Thomas Pape edited the dialogue and pre-mixed it with the foley to make sure the film had a nice realisme package ready for mix. Great care was taken to make sure the dialogue was easy to understand with nice dynamics for the dramatic scenes.

Thomas Pape recorded foley performed by Torben Greve at the Gi’Lyd studios.

Thomas Pape mixed the film together with Henrik “Gugge” Garnov during an intense two week period under the supervision of director Jesper W. Nielsen. The film was mixed at the Gi’Lyd studios.

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