Kon Tiki VR Experience

The Kon Tiki VR Experience is a virtual reality animation project commissioned by KonTiki Museum in Norway. The aim was to let the user experience the journey of Thor Heyerdahl during his expedition from Peru to the South Pacific.

Working closely with the Kon-Tiki museum and researching through original photos, diary entries and video we slowly pieced together Heyerdahl’s adventure choosing key highlights of his journey to highlight in the VR experience.

Ambisonic audio design ensured the sounds of the ocean, ropes and animals were accurately positioned in three dimensional space while the original music created for the Oscar winning Kon-Tiki documentary was used to complete the experience.


Thomas Pape worked hard creating an authentic soundscape for the scenes in the animation. The scenes depicted some of the key times during the Kon-tiki mission, and the goal was to let the audience experience that they were actually on the raft, listening to Thor Heyerdahl’s voice telling his story.

Using the latest technology and plugins, we mixed a fully functional ambisonics track that could play in the custom software build by Glitch Studio the get he most out of the Oculus Go hardware. Using high quality audio and mixing techniques assured that the soundtrack for the film would have a full 3D feeling both with the native speakers in the Oculus Go head-strap, but also with hifi headphones.

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