From The Wild Sea (Fra det vilde hav)

As the peak of winter draws near, a vast European network of marine animal rescue volunteers are bracing themselves for the rough season. Night and day, all year round, they work tirelessly to rescue coastal wildlife from life-threatening elements: Oil. Plastic. Treacherous conditions. But the worst is ahead. Climate change fuels violent weather across the seas, and the annual winter storms are coming at them with an unprecedented roar. Simultaneously, the wild animals are struggling against their human surroundings with fangs and claws.

FROM THE WILD SEA is a poetic documentary film that zooms in on the complex collision between human and nature. We are taken on a disturbing and fascinating journey into the emerging Anthropocene Era, seen from both the human and animal perspective. As humans attempt to rescue marine creatures, each individual animal looks back at us with inquisitive eyes. Through an intimate visual experience that follows the animals through rehabilitation, we get to see and sense the world we humans have created: Right before our eyes, an estranged and most curious place.

  • Release Date: 22 April 2021

  • Director: Robin Petré

  • Production Co: Hansen & Pedersen (Denmark)


Mixing and Editing: Thomas Perez-Pape

Foley: Heikki Kossi

Robin wanted the audience to hear and feel what the animals were going through, from their perspective. Because for the animals the current wild has already fallen apart and is a dystopian world. Thomas tried to walk a fine line between believable soundscapes, and emotionally engaging animal perspectives.

Thomas Perez-Pape mixed the film in 5.1 at Mainstream studios in tight collaboration with Robin Petré, to get the perspective and engagement just right.


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