Evil Dead Rise

“Evil Dead Rise” is a thrilling addition to the renowned horror franchise that has captivated audiences for over four decades. Set in a Los Angeles apartment building, the film follows a group of characters as they confront a terrifying force that possesses the structure itself. As a sound effects editor, my role was crucial in creating an immersive and chilling sonic experience for the audience. Working under the guidance of sound designer Peter Albrechtsen, I contributed to shaping the film’s sound design, enhancing key elements such as the elevator, doors, and chainsaw Foley. The final mix of “Evil Dead Rise” was realized in Dolby Atmos, further elevating the sonic impact and enveloping the audience in a spine-tingling audio experience.

Elevator as a Living Monster:
My work on the elevator sound design was pivotal in creating a sense of malevolence as the evil forces possessed the building. By meticulously editing and crafting various sounds, I transformed the elevator into an entity that felt alive, almost resembling a monstrous presence. The sounds I designed and manipulated intensified the terror, adding to the overall suspense and horror experienced by both the characters and the audience.

Evil Doors:
Throughout the film, the doors and entrances/exits of the building progressively become more sinister and evil. As the sound effects editor responsible for these elements, I ensured that the doors sounded realistic, cinematically grandiose, and, most importantly, nasty. By combining various sound effects and manipulating them, I created door sounds that heightened the tension and conveyed the malevolent transformation taking place within the building.

Chainsaw Foley:
In the final battle scene of “Evil Dead Rise,” a chainsaw plays a significant role. My expertise as a sound effects editor came into play as I recorded an entire pass of chainsaw sounds, carefully timed to the action of the character. This chainsaw Foley work involved capturing and editing the sounds that would synchronize with the character’s movements, intensifying the impact and immersion of the scene. My efforts contributed to the visceral and thrilling experience of the audience during this climactic sequence.

Collaboration with the Sound Team:
As part of the sound team for “Evil Dead Rise,” I worked closely with sound designer Peter Albrechtsen and other talented professionals in the field. Collaborating with individuals such as the dialogue editor, foley artists, re-recording mixers, and other sound effects editors, I contributed to the cohesive and immersive sonic experience of the film. My dedication to delivering realistic, terrifying, and impactful sounds was vital in creating a cohesive and spine-chilling atmosphere for the audience.

“Evil Dead Rise” was finalized in Dolby Atmos, a revolutionary audio format that enhances the moviegoing experience. The immersive capabilities of Dolby Atmos further heightened the impact of the meticulously designed sound effects, allowing the audience to be fully enveloped in the terrifying world of the film.

The sound editing work of the entire sound team, including my contributions as a sound effects editor, played a significant role in making “Evil Dead Rise” a thrilling and immersive horror film. The attention to detail, creativity, and collaborative efforts resulted in a soundscape that not only paid homage to the franchise’s legacy but also captivated and frightened audiences. My specific role in shaping the sounds of the elevator, doors, and chainsaw added depth and realism to key moments in the film, contributing to its overall success.

  • Release Date: March 15, 2023

  • Director: Lee Cronin

  • Production Co: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.

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