New Danish crime series by the brothers Avaz about the two brothers Adam and Jakob and their fearful pursuit for purpose and meaning in life.

Adam and Jacob are brothers. Born into a world of money, drugs, hierarchy and power.

When the newly graduated stockbroker Adam is diagnosed with stress and at the same time loses his father, he seeks out his past and his father’s activities in the biker community. Adam is quickly immersed in a world of rapid recognition and high adrenaline levels, and quickly his otherwise structured life is mixed with personal ambitions and a hunger for power. He gets help from childhood friends Simon and Oliver, but before they know it, they face immigrant gangs, bikers, police and ultimately Adam’s own brother.

Adam’s big brother, Jacob, has always wanted to make a difference. Therefore, he has broken away from his family and his roots to enter the police force, where he is quickly recruited to the police anti-drug unit. Jakob really gets the chance to make a difference here. Time and time again, Jacob is confronted with his past, and an inner struggle forces him into an anxious search for his true goal.

Will they hold on to their own illusion of who they are? Or will they give in to their true nature?

Alfa is an eight-episode drama series.

  • Release Date: August 16, 2020

  • Director: Milad Avaz

  • Production Co: Rocket Road Films, SF Film


Thomas Pape was the boom operator for the entire first season of ALFA (working title GROW).  Working alongside Kim Dalum who was the shows Mixer, they created a sound team that was two steps ahead of the production at all times, always planing and anticipation the directors next moves. This is one of the reasons why the series have such pristine dialogue quality.
Great care was also taken to plant microphones and use stereo microphones for important set audio such as the action sequences, to capture audio as true to the real world sounds as possible.

Foto: Emilia Staugaard

Thomas Pape edited dialogue and on-set audio for episode 2, 4, 6, 7 & 8. Furthermore he designed sounds and cut effects for episodes 2, 6, 7 & 8. The Audio team was supervised by Henrik “Gugge” Garnov.

Thomas Pape recorded and edited all the ADR for this season of Alfa. The show had almost 500 cues recorded for more than 30 actors. This was handled by using a combination of Pro Tools and ADR Master Studio from Non-Lethal Applications.
All lines were recorded with two different microphones to provide ultimate flexibility in editing.

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