Delivery specs for Audio Editing

Please follow these guidelines when delivering a project for audio editing.
  • DNxHD 36 .mov video file, 1080p. (Don’t use DNxHR!)
  • Have a stereo audio track in the videofile for our reference.
  • Use timecode 01:00:00:00 as First Frame of Action (FFOA).
  • Video must have the project timecode burnt in and preferably scene, slate and take info as well.
  • Use a Counting Leader with 2 pop at 2 seconds before FFOA.
  • If possible, please define a Last Frame of Action (LFOA) for final delivery.
  • Name the video file with a clear date of export and use a consistent numbering scheme, like: “”.
Download Counting Leaders:

Download Counting Leader 1080p DNxHD 25fps
Download Counting Leader 1080p DNxHD 24fps
Download Counting Leader 1080p Photoshop template

  • Export an AAF including all audio tracks without any added effects.
  • All sound reports from set.
  • A copy of all original audio recorded for the project.
  • A cue sheet of all score/music, and status of licensing.
  • EDL lists for alle used video tracks on the timeline, every time new video file is delivered.
  • Please name the EDLs with same date and numbering scheme as the video file it accompanies.

For re-edits we use Matchbox to automate the process which requires an EDL of each video track to track changes in editing.
Please provide EDL lists each time there is a video revision, with a clear date and version number on both EDLs and video file.
For more details please refer to the Matchbox website.

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